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[sticky entry] Sticky: My First Escapade!

Mar. 1st, 2018 03:26 pm
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I've always been a profic author, and I never thought about fanfic. But my friend of over 20 years, the Due South expert[personal profile] ride_4ever, got me interested in the fanfic world by introducing me to Due South. This past weekend, she took it a step further by introducing me to a fanfic con - My hopes while attending this con is that I would find something that would motivate me to get started in fanfic. Although I love watching Due South episodes and the more than hot Paul Gross, nothing I've seen so far inspired me to start writing anything slash related. However, during the Black Panther panel at Escapade 2018 fic author[personal profile] raine, at the end of the panel, mentioned that she would love to see a Black Widow/Nakia femslash. I thought, Wait a minute! I can do that. So this is where it will begin. My first fanfic and first femslash will be Black Widow/Nakia. Although femslash is not as popular as slash, I discovered that there's enough interest in femslash to make it worth my time. (After all, I'm not just writing for myself.) So not only was Escapade 2018 an excellent con to attend for someone who has never written fanfic and who has never attended such a con, the experience helped me to achieve my goal of finding a pairing that would interest me!
One of the people I follow, [personal profile] edenfalling, was seeking mini-ficlet prompts about female characters and their relationships with each other. So she wrote a mini-ficlet for me - "Room for Coincidence." The prompt I gave her, from a "Ladies Bingo" prompt list, is "Roommates." The characters are the two characters I will focus on when I start my fic writing - Nakia and Black Widow. I love how edenfalling wrote my 700-word ficlet about these two spies.  Check it out at her Dreamwidth page or her LiveJournal.

Texture Rocks!

Mar. 3rd, 2019 01:46 pm
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I have the Texture app on my iPad that my husband pays $10 a month for. I never paid much attention to it until now. Texture is a digital magazine app that gives you access to over 200 magazines. When you consider that purchasing a single print magazine from the drug store can cost you as much $5 a pop, the $10 a month price is a bargain if you're a magazine reader.  
I'm a cook, so I like the app for the cooking magazines, such as "Eating Well," and "Allrecipes."  But I'm going to spend time checking out some of the other magazines such as "The Oprah Magazine," "Women's Health," and "Us Weekly" for when I want some stupid celebrity gossip.
Believe it or not, I looked at EVERY journal style currently available on Dreamwidth. The problem I found with my favorites is that you have a white font over a dark background. I’m okay with reading that style but some others may find it hard on the eyes. Therefore, I’ll just stick with my current journal style. I would rather not turn people away who find white font on a dark background hard to read. 
I’m back from Escapade 2019 with a list of recommended TV shows. One of them is "The Exorcist." They talked about the series at the 2018 con, but at the time I had no intention of watching it. However, after seeing a vid on the series at one of the vid shows at this past 2019 con, that’s all changed.

You see, the scariest movie I’ve ever seen in my entire life is, in fact, "The Exorcist." The film came out in 1973, based on the novel by William Peter Blatty. I was 11-years-old at the time, around the same age as 12-year-old Regan, the possessed by a demon girl played by Linda Blair. But in 1973, because I was only 11-years-old, my parents refused to let me see it. So all I knew about the film is what people told me. At the time, nothing like it had ever been seen before and people were lined up around the blocks to watch it in theaters.

Later, when I became an adult, I finally got to see it, and it scared the hell out of me. Today, as a middle-aged woman, if I were to watch "The Exorcist" movie again, it would scare me all over again.

So I figured the series "The Exorcist" would be scary, especially after watching the vid. I wasn’t wrong. It’s not only frightening, but it's also good, at least based on episode one. I get a conflicted hottie priest played by Alfonso Herrera. I get to watch Geena Davis again, one of my favorite actresses. I get to watch demonic possessions in all of their horrible glory. And I get to see what a demon will do when you threaten to fuck with it. Scary stuff – on the couch with a blanket covering your eyes scary stuff.

Oh, and that music from the movie, that’s there too.

Who will win – God or the demon?

I’m looking forward to episode 2. I watched episode one earlier today, and I had planned to wait until tomorrow for episode 2, but I don’t think I can wait that long.

I hope the scary scenes don’t keep me up tonight.
I’m back from 2019, and it was more than just an enjoyable and informative time with some of the nicest women I’ve ever met. Last year when I attended the con, I had a lovely time, but fanfic was not a huge interest. But that’s all changed. Not only is fanfic now a huge interest, it’s replaced my interest in professional fic, something I’ve been doing for years. I’m a ghostwriter, but I plan to retire in September 2023. I may return to professional fic at that time, but for now, it’s all fanfic. My interest is MCU, and I’ve got lots of stories planned (Nikia/Black Widow femslash.) First, I’ll be finishing my Marvel reviews, and now that I’ve ditched the professional fic, I have more time for the reviews and everything else. I am looking forward to Escapade 2020, the 30th anniversary!
“Thor” (2011) 
Cast: Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Tom Hiddleston, Anthony Hopkins, Colm Feore, Idris Elba, Stellan Skarsgård, Kat Dennings
Director: Kenneth Branagh
The superhero movie “Thor” is the fourth movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 
My 30 Second No Spoilers Intro
Thor, played by Chris Hemsworth, is enormously handsome, enormously mighty, and enormously cocky.  He is also the son of Odin, the king of Asgard, played by Anthony Hopkins, and he assumes Odin will make him the next king and not his brother Loki, played by Tom Hiddleston.  In his quest to protect Asgard from what he perceives as a threat by the Frost Giants, Thor makes it his mission to confront a menacing looking Laufey, played by Colm Feore. Laufey lives in the cold and dark Jotunheim and is the king of the Frost Giants.  Thor is strong, handsome, confident, and arrogant, but is he smart? Along the way, on the planet Earth, we meet astrophysicist Dr. Jane Foster, played by Natalie Portman, a scientist who doesn’t discount the possibility of otherworldly existences.  When the human meets the Asgardian, changes happen, especially for Thor.  Idris Elba plays the all-seeing and all-hearing Heimdall, the guard of Asgard, and S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Phil Coulson, played by Clark Gregg, makes another appearance. (We first saw him in both “Iron Man” movies.) And as I’ve said in my previous reviews, be sure to watch for the post-credits scene.
Who Was Good and Who Wasn’t?
Kat Dennings plays Darcy Lewis, Dr. Jane Foster’s assistant, and unlike the acting of Stellan Skarsgård, who plays Foster’s fellow astrophysicist, Dennings' acting is a bit over-the-top.  But everyone else is excellent in this movie, especially Natalie Portman.
What I Liked and What I Didn’t Like
Like: Loki is overshadowed by his brother Thor and there are often consequences for a sibling who feels dominated by another.  I like the way the screenplay handles this dynamic.  
Like: I love horror movies and monsters, and the dark, cold, eerie looking Jotunheim could be the set of a horror movie with the very scary looking Laufey as its monster complete with those evil red eyes.
Like: The look of Jotunheim and Asgard are well-done.  The costumes and the monsters of these mythic worlds are also well-done.
Like: The character development in this movie is the best I’ve seen of the Marvel movies I’ve reviewed so far.  Of the major characters, we leave the film truly understanding who they are.
Dislike: “Thor,” in my opinion, starts somewhat clunky.  It isn’t until we get to Thor’s encounter with Laufey that things begin to pick up.  That said, it’s still an excellent movie.
Who Will Like This Movie?
"Thor" is excellent for people who love to look at good-looking, buff superheroes, despite their personality flaws.  It’s also good for lovers of depictions of Norse mythology.
I give "Thor" Five out of Five Stars.
Final Words:
When a Marvel movie includes a post-credit scene, it’s a cliffhanger.  But “Thor” ends on a cliffhanger before its post-credit scene.  So be prepared to want more.
“Iron Man 2” (2010) 
Cast: Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow, Scarlett Johansson, Sam Rockwell, Mickey Rourke, Don Cheadle, Samuel L. Jackson
Director: Jon Favreau (Jon also has a role as Stark's bodyguard and chauffeur.)
The superhero movie “Iron Man 2” is the third movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 
My 30 Second No Spoilers Intro
Tony Stark, played by Robert Downey Jr., is still the flashy, arrogant, womanizing, celebrity billionaire. That becomes all too apparent as he struts across the stage, complete with rows of sexy female dancers, at his Stark Expo.  Furthermore, Stark’s ego has been strengthened because of, to quote Tony, the  “uninterrupted peace” for the nation he’s created as Iron Man. But beneath all of that bravado, Tony is hiding a secret about his health that becomes his Achilles' heel and is the reason he promotes Pepper Potts, played by Gwyneth Paltrow, to CEO of the company. Natalie Rushman, played by Scarlett Johansson, replaces Potts as Tony’s personal assistant. Meanwhile, the government doesn’t like the fact that they aren’t in charge of Stark’s Iron Man weapon and technology, and they want to take it over. Lieutenant Colonel James Rhodes, played by Don Cheadle, is in the middle. He wants to support his friend Tony, and he admires what he’s done with the technology, but he supports the government’s position, as well. Then there’s Justin Hammer, played by Sam Rockwell. He’s the owner of  Hammer Industries, a weapons manufacturer company in competition with Stark’s, and he doesn’t like the fact that Stark has received so much attention.  The government is more than happy to work with Hammer and Hammer is more than happy to work with the government. But there’s more than just the government and Hammer that Stark has to contend with, he also has to contend with the Russian physicist Ivan Vanko, played by Mickey Rourke.  One thing you will learn about Marvel movies, if you haven’t already, is that you need to stay until after the credits. If you watched the post-credits scene of “Iron Man” we got the first glimpse of Nick Fury, the director of the Supreme Headquarters, International Espionage, and Law-Enforcement Division or S.H.I.E.L.D., played by Samuel L. Jackson.  In “Iron Man 2,” he’s back.
Who Was Good and Who Wasn’t?
The thing about “Iron Man” movies is that the acting is excellent.  All of the primary actors and actresses - Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow, Scarlett Johansson, Sam Rockwell, Mickey Rourke, Don Cheadle, and Samuel L. Jackson – were all good.  You have to remember that these are actors and actresses who have appeared in award-winning movies or who have received awards themselves for their acting abilities.
What I Liked and What I Didn’t Like
Dislike: Tony Stark has a habit of reducing smart, powerful women to sex objects, and that annoyed me more in this movie than it did in the first “Iron Man.”  Perhaps because in this movie it’s worse.
Like: Natalie Rushman, and that’s about all I can say without spoilers.  Those of you who know the movie know why I like her.
Dislike: Tony Stark appears before the Senate, and in my opinion, that particular scene was rushed and over-the-top.  With that said, these days we’ve seen some crazy stuff on The Hill.  So maybe not.
Dislike: The plot was not as strong, in my opinion, as the plot for “Iron Man.”  Some spots could have been developed and lengthened.  The relationship between Tony Stark and Pepper Potts, for example, is not developed enough.  They probably could have done a better job of developing Ivan Vanko’s story, as well.
Who Will Like This Movie?
"Iron Man 2" is great for people who love action movies and superheroes.  It’s also good for people who love fight scenes between superheroes and villains.
I give "Iron Man 2" Four out of Five Stars.
Final Words:
Be sure to watch the post-credits scene.
Well, I'm behind on my movie viewing.  Christmas is fast approaching, and today hubby and I did our annual Christ Crinkle Market shopping.  We always hit up Macy's too for their Frango Mints.  I'll be sure to get another Marvel movie review up next weekend.  

So happy to be attending Escapade again!  Sent in my money for the 2019 con in February!  
“The Incredible Hulk” (2008) 
Cast: Edward Norton, Liv Tyler, Tim Roth, William Hurt, Tim Blake Nelson
Director: Louis Leterrier
The superhero movie “The Incredible Hulk” is the second movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Note: In 2003, “Hulk,” based on the Marvel comic characters, was released. However, “The Incredible Hulk,” released in 2008, is the reboot and appears under MCU.
My 30 Second No Spoilers Intro
Bruce Banner, played by Edward Norton, is the Hulk. But before any of that happened, he was just a noble scientist working for the common good and dating cellular biologist Betty Ross, played by Liv Tyler. One of Banner’s projects was gamma radiation resistance. So confident that he had successfully developed the resistance that he tests it on himself, but the test goes horribly wrong, and he turns into the Hulk destroying the lab and physically hurting and killing people in the process. In life, as well as in Marvel movies, the American government is seen by some as the enemy, and General Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross, played by William Hurt, is an example of why. He deliberately fails to tell Banner that the military aims to weaponize Banner’s findings to create “Super Soldiers.” Banner wants nothing to do with it and goes on the run. At the start of the movie, we find him in Brazil. Banner will always turn into the Hulk whenever his heart rate reaches 200 beats per minute. So he practices meditation and yoga to keep his heart rate under control while simultaneously searching for a cure, hopefully with the help of a fellow scientist, Mr. Blue, a person he has only communicated with online. (Mr. Blue calls Banner Mr. Green.) The action continues from there, including the appearance of Emil Blonsky, a self-serving, power-hungry soldier played by Tim Roth, and the arrival of the Hulk’s most powerful contender.
Who Was Good and Who Wasn’t?
Similar to Iron Man; the acting in “The Incredible Hulk” is outstanding. Edward Norton, Tim Roth, and William Hurt, for examples, have all been either nominated or are winners of major awards such as the Golden Globes or the Academy Awards. Liv Tyler, although not an A-List type, is a natural in this film. Nobody stuck out as a mediocre actor or actress in the film.
What I Liked and What I Didn’t Like
Dislike: In the opening credits we get “The Incredible Hulk” backstory, which is what happens to Banner in the lab before he goes on the run. I’d rather see this kind of information after the opening credits. Let’s just say I hope there weren’t people getting their popcorn while the opening credits were happening back in 2008. Not so much for the people who already knew the backstory, but for those who didn’t. The backstory is further explained later on in the movie, but this visual backstory isn’t something you want to miss.
Like: Blonsky says to General Ross, "This is a whole new level of weird.” That’s an excellent way to describe what has happened to Banner.
Dislike: They use a lot of weaponry in this movie, and that’s fine, but some of what they do is blast the Hulk with tranq ammo and live ammo in the form of bullets. These two forms of ammunition don’t seem to work on the Hulk. Duh! Why would they?  
Dislike: Unlike Tony Stark slipping into a fantastical but at the same time believable Iron Man suit, when Banner transforms into the Hulk, it’s not as plausible. For one, he always busts out of the shirt he’s wearing, which makes sense, but he doesn’t break out of his pants. They just become tight-fitting but flooding and jagged-edged. Realistically, they should fall off him too when he turns into the Hulk, but then you wouldn’t have a PG-13 movie. Banner buys pants with an expandable waistband to compensate for what his pants will become, but it’s not believable.
Like: The love story between Bruce and Betty is sweet but also powerful. It helps that both of the characters are ethical and likable.
Who Will Like This Movie?
"The Incredible Hulk" is good for people who love action movies and powerful battles. It's also an excellent movie for people who enjoy love stories.
I give "The Incredible Hulk" Four 1/2 out of Five Stars.

Final Words:

Look for a special cameo and be sure to watch the movie to the end.
I've got my DVD copy of "The Incredible Hulk," and I'm all set to review it for next Sunday/Monday.  In the meantime, have a great Thanksgiving!  I'm on a plane soon to Boston/Cambridge to be with my family.
As I had explained in my "sticky" post, when I attended with my friend of over 20 years, the "Due South" expert[personal profile] ride_4ever, I knew I wanted to get involved in the world of fanfic as a writer, but I didn’t know in what way. However, during the "Black Panther" panel, fic author[personal profile] raine, at the end of the panel, mentioned that she would love to see a Black Widow/Nakia femslash. I thought, wait a minute! I can do that.

Now we’re talking Marvel, and in my life, with my time, I can focus on Marvel comics, OR I can focus on the Marvel Cinematic Universe, OR I can do both.  Well, I’m not doing both. So I choose to focus on the Marvel Cinematic Universe or MCU.

I like Marvel movies, but I haven’t seen most of them, and before I write a Black Widow/Nakia femslash, I HAVE to watch ALL of the Marvel movies. Why? Because that’s the way I am. I can’t help it. My personality won’t work any other way.

So . . . my watching all of the Marvel movies means that I’ll be posting reviews right here. AFTER I’ve reviewed ALL of the Marvel movies up until the ones that haven’t been released yet, I’ll write my first Black Widow/Nakia femslash. It’s going to take me the rest of the year and a large part of 2019 to review all of the Marvel movies that have been released.  But, there’s no rush here.  My goal is to stick to a weekly schedule. Which means that I’d like to post a movie review every Saturday, Sunday or Monday. It’s going to be fun.  

When I attended Escapade 2018 as a newbie, I was a fish out of water. But for Escapade 2019, I’ll be there with a Marvel t-shirt on!

Also, I plan to own all of the Marvel movies on DVD. I don’t want to just watch them online. The first movie in the MCU is "Iron Man."  I own that one and the review follows. The next one is "The Incredible Hulk," and so on. I like my plan. It works well with my personality, my brain and my need to be organized in areas of my life.

The last time I posted here was in April 2018. I had a dance performance, pro-fic writing, ghostwriting and other demands on my time that caused me to take a long break from Dreamwidth.  Sometimes, that’s what’s needed in life. As I said before, there’s no rush. You do things in life when you’re ready to do them.  Now I’m ready to start posting Marvel movie reviews.

I'll simply be giving my impressions of the movies. No spoilers. I don’t like when other reviewers do it. So I won’t do it. 
Also, I have to say that I love the Marvel Studio opening graphics that they display before each of their movies. It’s exciting, and it helps to further get you in the mood for what you’re about to see.  Another thing I want to say about Marvel movies is that you need to be sure to watch them to the end, and in some cases, as with "Iron Man," after the credits.  You'll get an insight into what the future holds.  MCU movies are standalones, but they are also connected.


“Iron Man” (2008) 
Cast: Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow, Terrence Howard, Jeff Bridges, Shaun Toub
Director: Jon Favreau
The superhero movie “Iron Man” is the first movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 
My 30 Second No Spoilers Intro

When we are introduced to Tony Stark, played by Robert Downey Jr., he leaves no doubt that he is a flashy, arrogant, celebrity billionaire. He is also the son of Howard Stark, a weapons developer, and he has inherited his father’s company, Stark Industries. At the start of the movie, we find him in Afghanistan promoting one of this weapons. There are a series of life-threatening events that put him in his Iron Man suit creation with the help of Yinsen an Afghan played by Shaun Toub. We watch Tony Stark evolve which includes making a decision about his company that angers Obadiah Stane, Stark Industries manager and villain played by Jeff Bridges.  However, Tony has a friend and ally in Lieutenant-colonel James Rhodes, played by Terrence Howard, and in his personal assistant and emerging love interest, despite his playboy past, Pepper Potts, played by Gwyneth Paltrow.  

Who Was Good and Who Wasn't?
I can honestly say that the acting in this movie was superb by everyone, especially by Robert Downy Jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow.  When the acting is good, it helps the quality of the film.  Downy Jr. has been nominated for an Academy Award and has won more than one Golden Globe. Paltrow has won an Academy Award and a Golden Globe.

What I Liked and What I Didn't Like
Dislike: Stark goes to bed with a blonde reporter, and Pepper Potts is blonde.  The blonde thing is unoriginal and boring.  You can show that a woman is attractive without her being blonde.  Going with a blonde to prove that someone is beautiful is actually lazy in my opinion. The blonde woman is the formula for “attractive,” but using a woman with a different hair color takes more work and imagination.  
Like: Yensi says to Stark, “So you’re a man who has everything and nothing.”  Stark is a playboy billionaire with no wife and no family.  I like the statement because it reminds us that money isn't everything.  
Like: Pepper Potts is smart.  She’s not portrayed as a blonde bimbo formula.
Like: The Iron Man suit is creative and striking. I love that it has everything a person needs to be a superhero, including a built-in phone. I love the bright colors.

Who Will Like This Movie?
"Iron Man" is great for people who love action movies and superheroes.  It’s good for people who like realism and romance, but who can also get into fantasy.  

I give "Iron Man" Five out of Five Stars.

Final Words:

Be sure to watch the movie all the way through the ending credits.


R.I.P. Stan Lee (December 28, 1922 - November 12, 2018)
I've been super busy these last few weeks and have neglected my FanFic life.   I have articles to write, pole dancing to practice (mainly because I have a performance in July), and I have my ProFic stuff.  Time to get back into it.  I want it to be a part of my life, and I want to make the time for it. Baby steps.  I'm not at all into stressing myself out.  I stopped doing that years ago.
When it comes to fic, there's a lot that I could research. However, I have a focus, and that's on writing fic derived from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So, I don't have to know it all. (I'm old enough to know that I don't have to know it all.) Furthermore, for me, fic writing is a side interest, not my main interest.

When I attended Escapade, I was given a link to the Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki. Categories include - Movies, One-Shots, Television, Comics, Guidebooks, Artbooks and Video Games.

The first film in the MCU is Iron Man produced in 2008. I've seen more DC movies than Marvel movies. So I've got some movie watching to do.
 My son has returned to New York and things are back to my normal routine.  I can get back to researching fic as it will be a long time before I write any of it.  If you're reading this, have a great day today!
My son, who lives in New York, is in town.  Therefore, my schedule is a bit off, but that's okay.  I can get back to my regular schedule after he leaves.  Spending time with my immediate family is more important to me than anything else.

Happy Friday!

Mar. 9th, 2018 12:40 pm
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My PA is a multi-talented woman. One of her many skills is making jewelry. One of her categories is "Comics, Animé, Gaming, Pop Culture, Band Merch, Etc." If you're looking for jewelry to wear to your next fanfic con, think about ordering from her! Life Successfully

Read another femslash today - A Portrait of the Agent as a Young Lover by ProfessorSpork. It's a
Peggy Carter/Angie Martinelli relationship.
Me doing the "Fallen Star."

So it's after 1:00 in the morning, way past my bedtime. However, I had pole classes tonight, and the adrenaline is still going, I guess. I take two back to back pole classes on Wednesday nights. For most of February I was in India, and then California and I, therefore, missed a month of classes. So I'm excited to be back at them, especially because I've got a pole performance coming up in July.
Here, I'm practicing the "Fallen Star" for the first time. I want to put this move in my performance. Lots and lots of practice ahead.

Yesterday, I was down; today I'm feeling better. As I said earlier, one of my focuses is on fic reading, especially femslash. The one I read this morning is Chasing After Gold Mines by geckoholic. (I'm not sure if geckoholic is on Dreamwidth or not. I found the name "geckoholic" but it may or may not be the author.) Anyway, I found the fic well-written and entertaining. I only wish it were longer. When I read something good, if it's short, I usually want it to be longer. :-)
Late last night, I looked in the mirror, and I didn't recognize myself. I'm middle-aged, but I'm not ready for the pasture yet. I've had my two and a half cups of black coffee, and now it's water for the rest of the day. (My usual.) Tonight, I'll exercise (including pole dance) for two hours. Hydrating and moving always helps.

This morning I read a good quote that helps too - "When you're feeling happy, your belief [in yourself] will be strong. If you're feeling tired, discouraged, under the weather, or lacking energy, that's when doubts come in. Everyone has those moments, so remind yourself that the way you're feeling is temporary, and it will pass."

My fic reading for today was a work-in-progress by[personal profile] raine. It's called Said Nobody. I'm looking forward to the next installment.

A New Week!

Mar. 5th, 2018 12:43 pm
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After a busy weekend, it's Monday again. I spent the weekend cleaning my house (something I've come to hate) and getting back into exercising and pole dancing. You cannot be a good pole dancer unless you maintain your strength. I was traveling for most of February, to India and then to California, and as a result, my exercise routines didn't happen. Time to get back on track.

Regarding organization and cleaning, I have two links to share with you that you may or may not be aware:

52 Weeks to An Organized Home Challenge 2018

My goal is to organize every room in my house, and this schedule is an excellent way to do it. (Download the PDF) Of course, you can modify it to suit your needs. For example, I don't have a linen closet. So I'll just substitute something else for that slot.

Take the 52 Week Money Challenge

Here is an easy way to get some savings under your belt. (Download the printable copy.)

Finally, I read another good femslash today - Part 1 of Most Likely a Ninja by [personal profile] fabrega